Milburn Foundation
About Us:

The Milburn Foundation is committed to solving local
and global health issues.  We fund and develop
leaders who aggressively work to solve the causes
we support.  We know that true leaders create
success with vision, passion and an ability to drive
results.  We believe effective leadership can be
employed by people with the will to make a
difference and the ability to act thoughtfully, yet
decisively.  Inspired leadership coupled with
conservative business practices forms the foundation
of repetitive success, leading to ground breaking
change.  Th
ese fundamental beliefs are at the core of
who we are and what we support each and every
Health Care Leadership Advocates
Partners and Volunteers :

The Milburn Foundation continues to build out our partner and volunteer network.  We will soon be announcing
our newest professional relationship with an Australian based Wealth Management Firm.  Additionally, we
have three new volunteers whose work and progress will soon be outlined on this website.  Recognizing our
partners, volunteers and contributors is but one way we express our gratitude for the difference they make.
2009 Funding:

The Milburn Foundation has recently made a
donation to the IBC Research Foundation.  
Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is an aggressive
form of the disease that is not always easily
diagnosed.  The IBC Research Foundation has the
right connections within the research community to
make a difference in the fight against this disease.
The Milburn Foundation is proud to support their

More details about our gift and the impact it will have
on those with IBC will be published soon.
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